Wednesday, November 17, 2004


How to boycott the Main Stream Media

The main stream media has several weaknesses: advertising revenue, cable subscriptions and FCC licenses. They have the strength of being able to subsidize their news coverage from revenue from other divisions. Those of us who believe that the MSM news are advocating political positions and passing it off as news need to begin inflicting our individual paper cuts on these behemoths.

1) Research each news organize and understand who owns it and where the owners get revenue from. For example: Viacom owns CBS. Viacom also owns MTV, BET, Showtime, 39 local television stations, United Paramount Network, Paramount Television, King World Productions, Broadcast International, Infinity Broadcasting, Viacom Outdoors, Paramount Pictures, United International Pictures, United Cinemas Incorporated, Simon & Schuster & Paramount Parks. Hence CBS news can lose money but can be subsidized by advertising revenue on CBS, syndication revenue on old shows, cable/satellite franchise fees (MTV, BET), subscription fees for premium services (Showtime), movie ticket sales, books sales and amusement park attendance. To effectively drive home the need for change, a corporation needs to feel threatened on all sources of revenue.
Additionally, GE owns NBC and Disney owns ABC.

2) Refuse to watch/use ALL of the parent corporation's offerings: Network TV, cable channels, movies, synidcated shows, magazines, books, amusement parks, etc. Directly contact each division and let them know that they will no longer have your business or attention while the news division engages in partisanship. (Turn the natural bureaucratic competitors of the news divisions into allies)

3) Contact all advertisers on the corpration's offerings. Use letters, e-mail and phone to voice your dissatisfaction with their advertising on these networks (TV, Cable, Internet) because of the news division's partisanship. Refuse to buy (or at least minimize your purchases) from any advertiser on these networks. Extend your protest to all advertising outlets offerered by the parent corporations: bill board advertising, advertising in movies, product placement in movies, radio station advertising, local station advertising. (Maximize the loss of advertising revenue by affecting the revenue of advertisers).

4) Refuse to purchase subscription services offered by the parent corporations. Contact your cable/satellite provider and let them know why you will not purchase those services due the news division's behavior. (Maxize loss of subscription revenues to the parent corporation and its allies)

5) Refuse to buy or rent any entertainment offered by the parent corporation. Contact retail outlet and inform them that you refuse to purchase/rent entertainment offered by the parent corporation due to the news division's behavior. (Maximize loss of sales/rental income and allies revenue).

6) For additional impact, stop purchasing products from retail establishments that offer entertainment from the parent corporation. Inform the retailer why you will no longer shop there. (Isolate natural allies of the MSM parent corporations by reducing their revenue.)

7) Use letters, e-mail and phone to express your dissatisfaction with the news coverage. Cite specific examples. Inform the news division and the parent corporations that you will no longer purchase, rent, listen to or view any of their offerings. (Generate a paper trail internal to the news divisions that provide ammunition to internal dissenters to displace or at least generate the seeds of doubts in the leadership)

8) If you receive cable/satellite, contact the cable company and lodge complaints regarding the news coverage. Drop cable/satellite or at least choose packages that deprive the MSM of as much income as possible. Investigate who owns each channel you watch and choose accordingly. (Isolate another natural ally of the MSM.)

9) Lodge complaints in writing with affiliates and corp stations that broadcast over the public airwaves. Send written correspondence to the station, the FCC and your legislators. Cite specific instances where the public trust has been breached. (The FCC is a bureaucracy. Any bureaucracy can be co-opted or kept out of the way by proper application of leverage.)

10) Sell any stock in the parent corporation. If you own mutual funds (directly or in a 401k) that have positions in the parent corporation, sell those mutual funds. Inform the fund manager why you are selling. If you have no choice (ie a 401K plan) contact the fund manager and express you dissatisfaction with them holding a position in this company. (Attack the wealth of the leadership, send a message to other stockholders)

11) Go after the most egregious offenders first. (Conserve resources and provide the marginal offenders a chance to self correct before their turn comes).

"If it bleeds we can kill it." - Red ink is the blood of a corporation.

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